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Edit Vendor Categories For Specific Vendors in UCP

In UCP (Universal Consent Platform, or Site Notice 3.0), customers have the ability to categorize specific vendors into different categories on that notice.
Currently vendors are set up with a default category, and they will show within that section of the L3 of the notice.

Example of Vendor Categories on L3

AARP and Adobe are in the Advertiser category.  AdClear is in the Analytics Provider category, and so on.

Example:  A customer wants to have AARP show up as an Agency rather than an Advertiser.  

This is how to do that in the Privacy UI:

1.  Login to Privacy
2.  Click on Universal Consent
3.  Click on the notice that you would like to change vendor categories for a specific vendor

Login to Privacy flow

4.  Click `Next` until you get to Step 4. Consent Tool of the wizard
5.  You will see Vendors that populate on that notice on the right hand preview side of the window under Information Our Partners Collect, and to the right of the vendors, there is a pencil that can be used to edit information about it.  Click to Edit.

Step 4. Consent Tool of Wizard

6.  You can Edit the Vendor to be Essential or Legitimate by checking the box, and you can edit the vendor category by using the Category drop down box to choose a different category.

Vendor edit options

Here is what the notice looks like after we have saved AARP to the Agency category

AARP after category change


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