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CCPA - Set Footer Link to Open DNS Form


If you'd prefer to use a link in your footer to start the "do not sell" process and want to reduce the number of steps required for a user, follow the steps below. 


Set Footer Link to Open DNS Form

  1.  Be sure that you have "link" enabled in the "configure options dialog" of your notice settings. If you have multiple notices that need this functionality, you'll need to modify each one individually or modify at the notice template level
    1. Enabling a Link in SettingsEnabling a Link in Settings 
    2. If you haven't added a consent link to your site, be sure to read this for additional steps: UCP Implementing Consent Link in Footer 
  2. Get to your translations by clicking "Templates & Assets" in the navigation and then clicking "Translations" in the navigation bar
  3. Find the translation set you're using for notices and click on the language name you want to edit (e.g. English (en-us))
    1. If you're using multiple translations on your notices, it's best to "export" the translation files first and edit them in the CSV file before re-importing them to save you from clicking on each language individually. 
  4. Update the label for "link" under "Consent Access" to the following: 
    <a href="#" onclick="event.preventDefault(); window.evidon.notice.showOptions();">Do Not Sell Request</a>​
    1. Note that the label text has been updated to read "Do Not Sell Request". You can rename this however you wish. 
  5. Click "Save" 


Once that's done, the new user journey on your site will work like this: 

1. User can click on a link in your footer after dismissing the banner.

2. User sees the privacy preferences dialogue appear, with the "Do Not Sell" form ready to be completed.

3. User completes the "Do Not Sell" form, enabling script blocking to occur while also providing you with information for a suppression list. 

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