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Auto-Pop Scans

Consent Tool

The Consent Tool is the dialog presented to the site visitor that allows them to view the technologies being used and exercise their opt-out choices - and its setup is an important piece of creating a new notice.

crownpeak consent tool.PNG


Auto-pop is a monthly scan that can discover the vendors that are present on your website. This feature then automatically populates and update the vendors that are disclosed in your consent notices.
With auto-pop enabled, the tool will populate with technologies that our scanner detected in the client’s scan. The auto-pop scans run once in a month, and it updates all the recent vendors in consent tool.

For example: If you have created a UCP or site notice for a test site that is going to be live after 1 week, or if you have updated 3 new tags on your website, during the next auto-pop scan cycle a scan will run on the website and update the vendor information in the consent tool.

Auto-pop Frequency

The Auto-pop cycle runs once per month and scans almost 100 pages of the website. If you can't wait for the auto-pop cycle, then you can manually add the tag in consent tool.

How to manually add vendors in UCPs.

First party tags require cookie name, description and optional opt-out URL (which leads the site visitor to the vendor's dedicated page for opt-out). There is a different process for adding third-party cookies which includes searching them from our extensive database. Adding vendors here ensures that they will be included in your consent tool even if they no longer appear in the auto-pop scans.


You can raise your queries through the community portal FAQs section.


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