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Accessing the Ad Notice config(2c of 2c)

The following query from the previous write up has been modified to display the user email.


SELECT c.company_name, u.user_email, a.an_internal_name

FROM ad_notice as a

left outer join company as c on c.company_id = a.an_company_id

left outer join user as u on u.user_id = a.an_created_by_user_id

WHERE a.an_id = 70473



In 1.2, User emails are account names. We will use to gain access to the notice ID in question and view its configuration.


Log into the 1.2 UI by navigating to   (The site will redirect you to but the original link is much easier to type)

Click the drop down next to your name.

Once this drop down opens, you must use CTRL+F  (with the drop down remaining open) to find the account in question.


Insert into the CTRL+F window

Click to enter the account.


Now that you’ve obtained access to the correct account, the Ad notice ID can be input directly into the ad notice URL:


You now have access to the configuration of notice 70473

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