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Communities Support Portal - Adding a New Support Case

Please follow the process below to add a new Crownpeak Support case through the Support portal:

1. In community.crownpeak.com, hover over the "Training & Support" tab, and scroll over to click on "My Case Portal".

Note: If you don't see the "Training & Support" tab, first try logging into the Community. If you still don't see the tab, contact us to make a request or touch base with your Customer Success Manager.

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or click on the "Training & Support" tab in the top menu, and click a link to the right.  Choose "go to the case portal" to submit a case to Support, or choose "product discussions" for peer to peer support.

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2.  From the Support Portal, click on Create Support Case button

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3.  Fill in all fields.  Please enter a Subject and Description of the request being made.SupportCaseFields.PNG


Priority is set to medium by default and can be left as is unless the case falls in the category below:

  • Urgent is reserved for cases when the platform is down, DXM live sites are down, DXM clients are unable to publish or access the platform, site notice is breaking the live site and users cannot access it
  • High is used when a ticket needs to be resolved ASAP but does not fall under the Urgent status
  • Low is used for information requests, platform assistance where other cases sent in can be prioritized

 Please select a Case Type in order to identify what type of request is being made.

  • If the case being created is related to a predefined DXM Hosting request please select this type from the available options
  • For DQM, Evidon and other DXM request types please choose DQM, Consent, CMS, or other applicable type.  ie. Monitoring - issues with scanning



  • (Optional) If the request is related to a specific Site/URL or site please add this detail in the appropriate field
  • (Optional) The Client field is for reference purposes.  Put any additional or relative info here.


4.  Click on Save to submit the Case


5.  Once the Case has been submitted, the person submitting the case will receive a confirmation email of the case creationAutoEmailwithCaseID.PNG


6. The person submitting the case will receive an email notification once a product support team member starts working on the caseAutoEmailSupportIsWorkingIt.PNG



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