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Using the Asset Publish Audit to Troubleshoot

The CMS has a very useful tool Asset Publish, which can be very helpful in troubleshooting publishing issues with various assets.  It can help identify numerous issues, including:

  • Verifying publishing history of an asset.
  • Reviewing publishing errors that may have occurred.
  • Confirmation of publishing destinations of various assets.
  • Identifying when multiple assets are publishing to the same destination path.
  • Files published within a publishing session.  
Accessing Asset Publish Audit

The Asset Publish Audit can be accessed either through the asset's Properties > Publishing Audit or by going to Reports > Audit > Asset Publish.  When selecting from the asset > properties tab, it will automatically populate and filter on that asset id.  The search fields can be adjusted with various filters, which can be used separately or combined to refine the results. To get additional filters, click on the Advanced button on the report.

Asset Id

This is the most common method for searching and it is the default behavior when viewing publish history from the asset properties panel.  Use this particular filter to verify publishing history, reviewing publishing errors that may have occurred and confirmation of publishing destinations of both the asset and its attachments.



Filename filters on the published filename.  This is the fully publish path of the asset to the SFTP server and not the URL. This will only show items matching the exact publish path.  


Session Id

This will filter only for items in a particular session id.  This is commonly used to identify all assets and files published from a particular publishing session, which may include additional dependencies.


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