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CDN Geo Blocking and WAF IP Blocking

If you are using Crownpeak Hosting for your site and wish to block users from accessing based on their ips, there are two different methods that are in use based on your site.1) If you have a CDN
If you have a CDN than blocking is performed by geolocation. As such access can only be blocked by Countries. In other words the site can be blocked from who countries, such as Europe, but cannot be blocked by IPs or cities.

You can however use the CDN to block by Geolocation, while performing more specific ip blocking in the web.config (or .htaccess) of your site.

2) If you have a WAF
If you have a WAF than blocking can additionally be performed by IP. You will be able to block access to a site by using a list of IPs or individual ips.
While this can be run in conjunction with Geoblocking through CDN, it cannot whitelist ips that are already blocked by geoblocking.

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