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Add Workflow to Existing Asset

In some cases you may create an asset without a workflow and wish to add one after creating it. These steps will also allow you to modify an asset with an existing workflow.

Here are the steps for V3

1) Find the asset you want to modifykA01W0000004SwKSAU_en_US_1_3.png



2) Select the asset then click View ->Properties 




3) Select workflow




4) Select Desired Workflow from the dropdown




5) Click Save

6) The workflow you have selected has been applied to the asset


The following will show you how in Volte:

1) Find the asset which does not have a workflow.


2) Select Properties -> Workflow




3) Select the workflow you want from the dropdown




4) Click Save.

5) You have now successfully added a workflow

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Is there an article for this page? 

Thanks for the heads up @DawnPonder. Currently researching...
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