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Crownpeak (Retired)

Community Updates Spring 2020

Hi -
It's been great to see you all in the community over the past few weeks.
I want to highlight some changes we launched recently.

Getting Started now has two sections, New to Crownpeak and Community Resources. We did this to make it easier for new members to understand where to begin! And we have just add an introduction for DXM users . Here's a little more detail on the updates. 

We also made some improvement to make the community experience better

  • Refreshed homepage: To make sure you see the latest information, we gave ourselves some room to share the featured articles and information we know will be important for you.
  • Navigation: We rolled out a fix to the navigation so the Case Portal link is visible in mobile

These updates were made because of your feedback and requests. I am looking forward to hearing more - please add your comments below or private message me @DeniseDuncan 

What do you like about the community? What else would you like to see here - articles, videos, discussion, etc?

All the best,


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