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Administrator Controls - Managing Users

To set up a new user, hover over Admin in the top navigation and then click on Users.

User-added image

This will take you to the User Management view.

Click the ADD A NEW USER button at the top of the page.

User-added image

This will open the Add New Users view.

Fill in your new user's details and select whether you want to make them an Admin or Standard user

  • Admin users automatically get full permissions
  • With Standard users, all permissions must be individually configured

Learn more about User Permissions.

If you have given your new user Standard permissions you will also need to choose which Website Dashboards they can view. You can also have them receive weekly status update emails from Crownpeak DQM for each site.

Finally, tick "Send notification email to user" and press SUBMIT. Your new user will be notified and you will be returned to the User Management view.


User profiles can be modified at any time from the User Management view. Just click on the user name and edit their details. If you have many users, you can use the search box to quickly locate them.

It is useful to establish specific contact person within your team for setting up new users.
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